Exercise PainKnow what to Expect from an Exercise Program

If you haven’t exercised for a while your first training session is going to be a challenge.

Sorry there is going to be some pain.

But you know what they sat, no pain, no gain. Although your PT shouldn’t try to destroy you in your first session they will probably stretch your limits. But often its not the actual training session that you need to worry about most.

One or two days after your first training session those muscles that you used are going to tighten and your arms may hurt to raise, your stomach might feel contorted and your legs may feel like they may never bend again. Stretching will hurt but help.

Dencorub or heat on the affected areas is a traditional approach to muscle soreness, but one of the pro-athlete tips for reducing fatigue and muscle soreness which may help is after your training session immerse the body in cold water. (Footballers often go for a swim in cold water after a game – no its really not just for the media opportunities)

Perhaps the last thing you will feel like is another training session and it will feel like its going to kill you, but afterwards you will feel much better.

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