How-do-i-get-fithow do I get fit?

Being healthy, trim and fit means different things to different people. So its important that you discuss with a personal trainer your specific objectives. Whether you want to compete in a triathlon, or you simply want to lose your flabby bits a personal trainer can design a program to help you achieve it.

Measuring Your Progress

One of the first things you should do when you start out on a fitness program with (or without) a Personal Trainer is to measure your starting point and your progress. This can include measures of your fitness, weight, body fat, speed, agility and endurance.

This not only shows you your progress but can also help with motivation towards meeting a pre-determined goal. A Personal Trainer should conduct a series of tests to record your baseline health and fitness and then periodically re-test you to monitor your progress.

Note – While ‘weight loss’ is a common goal it is important not to solely focus on your total weight. This is especially true in the early stages where you may experience equilibrium in total weight through losing body fat and gaining muscle mass as a result of a prescribed exercise and diet program.

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